Issue ActiveSky Wrong Weather Input


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Hello ActiveSky,

Recently I have had wrong weather at times in my sim. I have been flying with friends that also uses ActiveSky and they do not have the same issues as me, nor do they get the same weather as me.

Here is an example:

Yesterday I was approaching Bristol Airport with a crazy storm over London.

However this is what the real weather was at the time of the arrival.


There is nothing that suggests that it should be this bad.
During the approach I refreshed the weather with no luck, thereafter I attempted to restart activesky. No luck there either.

I was wondering if there is something I can try to fix this issue?


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Is live or historical weather active? Be sure to load a flight plan into Active Sky to ensure accuracy. You can also right click on the map to show the weather at your current location to compare to METAR's in the area.

Lastly, a complete uninstall/reinstall usually resolves issues, if it does not and you continue having issues you can submit a ticket using the link at the top of the page.


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I always load my flight plans into ActiveSky.

I guess I'll try to do a re installation. (Complete uninstall, then install)