Submitted "Always" session runing... :(

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Somehow I managed to install ASP on another PC. I managed to connect to my main SIM PC but few things happened.

First, error window opens and I submitted that ticket and I assume that is a log. Than I went thru eight pages in this forum and basically corrected everything suggested. Even though Topic said "resolved" but problems are still the same. Can't connect to Main PCSIM. After every attempt window pops with message that I have already session running (?!) but I don't. That issues happens even when I restarted my non SIM PC. I updated connector on main SIM PC as well but issue still persisted. Also gave all permissions as suggested in forum as well I shared all suggested files and folder. And of course made all exclusions from WD.

After several attempts ASP3 reported that I used daily LOG OUTS ATTEMPTS (?!). I never knew this...LOL. Tomorrow I will attempt to run ASP again but not sure if I will enuogh "attempts".

I hope someone has an idea how to solve this issue quicker. Thanks


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Did you copy and run the ASP3DV5ConnectorInstall.exe (or ASP3DV4ConnectorInstall.exe) to your sim PC and run it? It is located in C:\Program Files\HiFi\ASP3D. It has to run in order to install the required files. Best to install to Prepar3D v5 Add-ons (or Prepar3D v4 Add-ons).

If you did that start ASP3D and the sim then when the sim is loaded with an aircraft on the runway or tarmac press "Logs" on ASP3D and save and attach the .txt file here. Best bet would be to uninstall ASP3D completely then install using the latest full version. Follow the instructions on the screen during installation carefully.


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If you already have submitted a ticket regarding this it will be handled on the support desk so we don't have double work here.

Thanks for your understanding.
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