Unconfirmed Always thunderstorms in one particular spot


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It's just north of the Laramie VOR (LAR) in southeastern Wyoming, US. It's snowing out here in reality, but everytime I pass this area going in and out of Denver, ASN always paints a cluster of storms in this same spot.



When you are using the ASN map with wx station overlay enabled, which wx station is at that cluster of storms? What are the conditions at that spot (i.e. you can right click, show wx here, from the map)? If there is a station reporting bad data, perhaps it explains this. We need to know what station so that we can investigate further. Thanks!


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Sorry for the delayed response. I took a look today, and apparently there is a station "KARL", Arlington that is always reporting hail, as well as several stations surrounding it - KVDW, KPUM. There is no "KARL" airport in reality so it was puzzling. But in reality it's still light snow in this area. KLAR, Laramie, has just light snow in the METAR. These other stations I mentioned though seem to be the culprit, and I guess if it says hail, it assumes thunderstorms, and that's why there are always storms painted in this area.

Taking a look around, there is also hail erroneously reported at Corona Pass (KCRV), Gunbarrel (KGUN), Elk Mountain (KEHY).
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the details. We'll look into this and see if we can improve the situation in the case of invalid data here.