Ambiguity: cloud height AGL/MSL


New member
It seems that when setting cloud bases in Active Sky, one is instructed to enter base altitude in MSL. But upon reaching the METAR formatted summary, these base altitudes are displayed as ceilings. In the real world, ceilings are always reported/forecast in AGL. But in Active Sky, they instead display the MSL values as ceilings, which are not the same thing.

It seems to me that if I am setting the bases in MSL, then the METAR should provide different ceilings for every station.
Alternatively, if I could set the bases as ceilings in AGL, then it could adjust cloud height across the region to keep the ceiling always the same AGL.
I can see advantages to both approaches, but the main thing is that it should be consistent and clear. If I set it in MSL, then calculate the proper AGL value instead of treating them as the same thing.

I noticed this too. Cloud bases are measured as AGL but landing at KATL one day where the metar reported OVC014, I didn't come out of the clouds on final until about 400-500ft AGL. KATL elevation is about 1,000ft