Another x-plane question


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Just heard the announcement at FSC 17. Finally X-plane is getting a worthy weather program. Owning both SkyMaxx and xEnviro all I can say is that Active Sky for XP will be an instant buy for me.

Bring it on Hi-Fi team :whoo:
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finally they announce it, can't wait. Am just flying with built-in poor weather until I got the AS. hope now to wait long


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We're a long way out right now. We have no dates set, more news in the coming months.


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+1 instant buy for me once released.

I am now for about 90% on x-plane 11, the other 10% being FSX because of.. activesky...

Keep up the good work!

- a happy customer -


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I just started using the x plane platform and heard ASN is coming to x plane. I was holding off on xenviro but seems ASN will be quite a while.

Good news and hope other devs will follow


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Well it is March 2018 does any one have any idea as to how far away Active sky is or how is it progressing been holding off on Xenviro an even SkyMaxPro an totally on Xplane an hangout for ASN to appear.