AS XP keeps switching to custom weather


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I am running AS XP on X11.50 (b10).
AS XP keeps switching from historical weather to custom weather. Is there any issue with HiFi servers causing that? or is related to XP11.50?


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Hi, I have none of those other add-ons that change weather. I only use UltraWeather XP which does not do anything to weather - only visuals. But I still have the issue where X-Plane's weather gets reverted to custom weather in the middle of a flight. If I change it back to use custom metar it works for a bit, but then changes back again. Again, I am not using an other weather modifier and this just started happening with the XP Beta 10 version. So perhaps there were breaking changes?


Oh I had this issue since the XP11.50 beta too, now using the B10 as well and same as the previous XP beta. On my side, it happens from time to time, using the real weather from AS and sometimes all of a sudden it goes to 29.92, 15°C and I have to refresh the weather...

I think it comes from Laminar, we're flying a XP beta so that indeed bugs could occure.


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I've tested it for days... if I don't use UWXP, then the weather didn't reset to manual. Also if I disable water related settings in UWXP it seems more stable.


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There is a well known issue between ASXP and UWXP 2.6, custom metar.rwx changes to customized on each refresh ( from asxp). Uxwp team still trying to fix it...