AS XP - Suggestions


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I am using ASXP for more than one year and like it a lot because it does a lot of things that, for me changes and improve the imersion on flight sim, before it I tried to internaly improve the simulator creating lua scripts.
I am aware of the limitations on weather sdk but I would like to sugest a few things to future updates,

* Use the Stratus cloud layer -> would be nice to use this type of layer because it uses another art asset of simulator and will add a lot of more variations to the sky, the ideia is an option that could be triggered on or off and the layer be used at certain situations when overcast condition is reported because it only has this coverage, on previews versions of x-plane it was not possible to use this layer with real weather (metar.rwx) but now is possible adding the CI suffix after the cloud layer on metar
SBSV 171400Z 08009KT 40KM OVC020CI 29/23 Q1016 -> this create a stratos layer
SBSV 171400Z 08009KT 40KM SCT020CI 29/23 Q1016 -> this create a cirrus layer
The stratus layer looks less stormy compared to the cummulus overcastand would be nice use it to low visibility situations

* calibrate(Retune) the "MaximumWind turbulence" slider -> it by default is 100 % and I think it is low for Airlines, to increase this Item I need to increase general "Turbulence effect scale slider" and reduce the "cloud turbulence slider", if the actual turbulence effect ("MaximumWind turbulence") of 100% change to 50% to a new scale this option should be more useful

* add IAS variation to inbuilt turbulence effects -> when there is a ASXP turbulence, the planes shakes but the IAS indication stays constant on real world there is a few variations on airspeed indicator, maybe adding some forces do longitudinal axis to show this variations ( I was able to add this variation add "9999" or "-9999" to "faxil_plug_acf" dataref)

* add option to increase the spread of visibility -> I know that ASXP already adds visibility variations based on the value of "maximum visibility" assigned in the options, but I did not notice a big variation when the 9999 or 10sm is reported

sorry for my bad english...
and keep up the great work