Submitted AS16 Crash in FSX (Cannot control ambient weather)


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I always use AS16 and FSX and always run them in administrator mode. I have exluded the recommended folders from Windows Security, and also have full control over the Program Files x86 folder. However, every time I fly I get an error that says that AS16 cannot control ambient weather and the simulator crashes.

I have attached my last log. I hope someone can help me with this issue.
Thank you in advance.



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We will need to check your setup and settings.
Please submit a support ticket with a log export at the Support Desk regarding this issue and reference this forum post also.
You can export your log from the Logs button in Active Sky.

Please login to the support desk instead of using email in case you have logs/file attachments over 5MB's in size.

You can login to the support desk from the link below or from the tab at the top left of the forum page:

Please note you will need to have a registered account on the support desk
or create an account if you do not have one.