AS65 Error


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I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I opened up AS65 tonight and it downloaded the weather and started processing things like normal. However, after the line "Generating Intermediate Weather Data" another line shows up that says "Main Thread Process Error... Retrying at next interval." Then, that goes away and it goes back to Synthesizing Local Weather Data and repeats from there. Going to "Generating Intermediate Weather Data" and so on. Never getting out of the cycle.

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here? The last I used it things worked fine so I'm kind of confused here.


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After doing a bit of research it seems this issue was somewhat common several years ago but I've never had the issue until a couple of days ago.

Surely you guys must know something about this.


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Active Sky 6.x is no longer an officially supported product.