ASCA SP3 7471


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Hallo HIFI Team,

at November 14th I got the information that the new version SP3 7471 is released. This info was reported to me by ASP3D. I already have version SP3 7471 installed on June 20th. Unfortunately I did not read that I had already installed this version. After installing it, I only had CDT. I have set my image back again. Now everything works again and I'm with version SP3 7471 which I installed on June 20th.
Why does ASP3D report a new version with the same version number.
I'm flying with P3D V5.1

Thanks Frank


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I am spending my second evening trying to repair the damage done by the very same request.
My son uses Rex weather, if I continue to struggle with ASP3D with cloud art... I will also move to Rex.