Unconfirmed ASN Isuue B5547

Hi Guys,
Have posted on technical area but thought I'd post here, using the latest beta B5547 I have an issue where you take off and about 500-100 ft the sim goes not responding then 10-15 seconds continues then a bit later happens again, tried another weather engine I own and have no such issues.

Any Ideas.



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I thought I was the only one. I have written in Information on one of the thread . Please tell me if you encounter similar problems


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Some details would be helpful. No idea what threads/issues are being referred to here, and have never heard of such an issue?
think the issue is solved I have ASN networked I start ASN up then P3d and I go to payware airport take off and between 500-1000 ft the sim freezes for 5-10 seconds then continues and happens a few times during cruise but think since B5557 I no longer get this issue but will keep tesing and posting back but the other weather engine I own I have no such issue.