NOTAM ASP4 Licenses for ASP3D Beta Will No Longer Work

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Open beta signups/registrations have ended on October 10th.
If you are trying to register your ASP4 license to use with ASP3D Beta, this will no longer work.

If you get an error stating "License Data Invalid" it is because your license is not an ASP3D license.
Your license is still valid for AS16/ASP4.
Submitting a support ticket cannot change this.

The ASP3D Open Beta was originally planned for ending by end of August and lasting only a month but we extended the signup and participation window well beyond that.

We regret that you were not able to participate in the open beta and associated open beta free upgrade offer, but look forward to you being an ASP3D customer and we plan on significant upgrade discount pricing from AS16 or ASP4 to ASP3D.

Customers will have to wait for an official release and purchase ASP3D accordingly when available which will require a new separate key that will be issued when purchased.
More details on purchase options will be posted in the News Area of our website and on our official support forum as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks for your understanding.
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