Issue [ASP4]The interpolated weather doesn't match the METAR


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Prepar3D version: (P3DV4.5 Hotfix 3)
Active Sky for P3Dv4 version: 7410
Navigation data version: Navigraph Cycle 2007

Dear Hifi Team,

I had a weather problem in HKJK, VNKT, ZBHH.... (Just discovered in these three airports)
Here are the details:

Today when I fly in HKJK,
The ASP4 showed the METAR below:
The temperature shows 25.

But 'Current Conditions at aircraft position' shows 49.
I was right at the airport. ASP4 shows only 1nm NE of HKJK.
Meanwhile, My PMDG777 also shows 49 and I was hardly to takeoff.

This situation reminds me of the old days when I was flying in VNKT and ZBHH. I had the same problem.
So I asked one of my friends to do the test for me. And this bug happened to him as well in HKJK, VNKT, and ZBHH.
The interpolated weather doesn't match the METAR.

I tried to reinstall the ASP4, the ASconnect, the Navigraph data, but the bug remains.

Hope this bug will be solved very soon.

Thank you.