Issue ASv65 B554 TAF issue


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Hi Damian,

I still use FS9, ASv65 and winXP SP3, and have an issue for a long time with TAF box showing the same TAF for many different airports.
Namely LGAT(LGAV), ESSA, LIRF & EDDN. I am sure though that those are not the only ones and are many other airports like this.
Similarly, in the "Fetch METAR" TAF box shows TAFs of other airports thousands of NM far. I know, when it doesn't find a valid TAF,
it looks elsewhere, but looking to 2000-3000NM far is a bug definitely.
I also noticed that the FS ATC takes into account the erroneous TAF and changes active runways accordingly even without having checked dynamic TAF option.
What I 'd wish to be helped to do is to disable TAFs (if it is possible), or to fix it and show the correct TAFs for the respective airport.

Thanks for your time.


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This product has reached it's End Of Life and is no longer officially supported and will not be updated in the future.
If you are still using FS9 you may consider using Active Sky Evolution instead which is still an officially supported product.


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I already knew it has reached its End, I posted just in case. It is interesting though, how come TAF & METAR reports in ASv65 have become so inconsistent without
touching anything in the program. Just as the years go by.
As for ASE, I already have installed & uninstalled three times since its first release. It is very slow to start as it has too many unused (at least by myself) features
and some issues which ASE support did not resolve, so I rolled back to the fast and reliable (except for TAF issue) ASv65.