Suggestion ASXP - Add a custom DataRef for current turbulence on aircraft


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Hi there,

and thank you for bringing your weather engine to X-Plane, it really makes a difference and I'm enjoying it much more then expected.


As I'm a developer myself currently working on a basic sound environment for my Tweak Utility I really need a DataRef telling me about the current turbulence on aircraft. As ASXP dos not make use of the XP native wind layers and corresponding turbulence DataRefs I have no trigger for my turbulence rattling sounds when ASXP is used. If you could implement such a DataRef I could easily read the turbulence strength from it for adjusting my sound effect accordingly.

Possibly other developers will need other informative DataRefs for different other things ASXP handles outside of X-Plane's DataRef system but I would be fine having a trigger for my sounds.

Such a DataRef could be very simple with a number output from 0 (no turbulence) to 1 (strongest turbulence), for example:

ASXP/turbulence_on_aircraft: 0.00000

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