Submitted ASXP + Avitab compatibility


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Hello, how are you. I use Xplane exclusively in VR and would like the possibility of having the METAR in AviTab on Xplane11.

The problem that ASXP disables metar.rwx, and removes compatibility with AviTab. Would it be possible after the MDEG lines add the ICAOs of the aerodromes and the metar in the standard of Xplane11 or 10 so that Avitab can return the Metar?

Follow the discussion link in the Xplane forum.


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Thank you for your post. We receive a large number of feature requests from users of Active Sky. Please submit a support ticket so it is added to the list of potential features that may be considered in a future update. Please log onto the HiFi support portal ( and log a support ticket marking the title "Developers-Feature Request-ASXP + Avitab compatibility."

Please be sure to copy the URL from this forum post and include it in the ticket request. The support site requires a separate login from the forum. Please note that you cannot login with your forum credentials, you will have to create an account.

Thank you.
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