Suggestion ASXP force lowest cloud layer to overcast to enhance fog depiction


New member
I am relatively new to X plane, coming from P3dv4. I love your products! However, X-plane's limitation with regards to fog (not being able to see the fog layer from above it) causes an issue: if a station has dense fog in real life, and it reports a broken cloud layer (which happens regularly at some airports), then in the sim you can often see through to the ground unobstructed until you descend below the lowest cloud layer, which kills the immersion. My question is: would it be possible to add an option in the menu to force the lowest cloud layer to overcast in case there is fog reported/the visibility is below a certain threshold? If that was possible you would not be able to see the ground until you're below the clouds and hence in the fog layer, meaning far more realistic imc conditions in dense fog.

Thank You!