ASXP SP1 Now Official!

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Service Pack 1 – Release Candidate 4 March 16, 2019
- Further turbulence tuning (less overall rotation, more translation, less roll and yaw in general)
- Added new API function GetWeatherInfoXml to receive extended weather/layer information from Active Sky
- Added new API functionality to change audio volume
- Added new API functionality to get active SIGMETS/AIRMETS
- Updated API documentation

Service Pack 1 – Release Candidate 3 March 4, 2019
- Attempted fix for potential crash related to wind smoothing
- Attempted fix for X-Plane crash on exit in some cases

Service Pack 1 – Release Candidate 2 February 22, 2019
- Slightly reduced roll motion in turbulence effect
- Adjusted turbulence for less overall effect for light/medium weight GA aircraft (2000-10000lbs)
- Fixed potential memory leak/OOM issue related to logging
- Fixed an error in parsing old .fms flight plan format containing an uppercase "3 VERSION" line

Service Pack 1 – Release Candidate 1 February 13, 2019
- Changed maximum surface visibility (and minimum surface visibility’s maximum setting) to 30SM vs. previous 20SM, when in default theme/cell depiction mode, to increase surface vis when conditions dictate

Service Pack 1 – Open Beta 4 February 11, 2019
- Adjusted gusts/variability effects for increased smoothing, more organic feel and reduced repetitive yaw movement in near-surface wind layers
- Tuned turbulence for more effect for heavy to super heavy aircraft (767+)
- Tuned turbulence for less effect for mid weight airliners (757)
- Improved Cirrus depiction for more appropriate cloud/texture type

Service Pack 1 – Open Beta 3 February 8, 2019
- Fixed 2 potential crashes
- Miscellaneous stability improvements
- Updated User’s Guide (typos)

Service Pack 1 - Open Beta 2 February 2, 2019
- Tuned turbulence: Decreased effect scale for middle-heavy weight aircraft, Increased effect scale slightly for light aircraft, increase pitch rotational effect overall, reduced roll effect slightly
- Updated API docs to correct issue regarding as_xconnect.txt module log filename
- Added client IP address/ports logging into in as_xconnect.txt

Service Pack 1 - Open Beta 1 January 30, 2019
- Added Turbulence improvements throughout for increased realism and compatibility with various aircraft types
- Improved weather update process to significantly reduce "cloud redraws" when the relevant cell areas haven't changed significantly even during a download/update process
- Added new 3-letter USA airport/weather station data support - 3 letter airports now provide actual weather data, when available, instead of interpolating
- Improved weather station coverage by approximately 500 stations globally
- Added 5 second delay when looping ATIS/Flightwatch messages
- Added common data export path support as per FSX/P3D AS products (available in General options)
- Added support of VV/// METAR elements which will force ceiling to 0ft
- Added additional X-Plane version checking logic during folder selection process to prevent a case where automatic detection of an old/obsolete version could be found without user's confirmation and no ability to select the desired/proper version folder
- Added + character support in Active Sky account e-mail addresses
- Improved documentation regarding default X-Plane location/folder selection process whether standard or Steam variant
- Added various user registration process improvements
- Improved cell/station logic logging for debugging purposes
- Improved interpolation logic for very short flights with or without flight plan for more accurate weather conditions even when a station borders multiple "cells" that previously may have had variable weather causing apparent discrepancies
- Improved interpolation logic in general
- Improved "Force to sim time" historical mode handling to better match X-Plane's simplistic timezone/UTC conversion process and attempt to avoid discrepancies in sim-listed UTC time and ASXP's active time
- Adjusted Maximum and Minimum Surface Visibility options when in default non-global depiction mode to limit maximum value to 20 miles (due to X-Plane limitations in this mode)
- Reduced yaw/side forces during turbulence effects
- Various UI adjustments for 125% and 150% scaling modes
- Changed default maximum surface visibility to 20 miles for consistency between depiction modes
- Updated Documentation to account for changes
- Fixed problem with ASXP turbulence not effecting larger aircraft appropriately
- Fixed issue regarding yaw forces seemingly persisting after turbulence events in some cases
- Fixed problem with cirrus clouds not depicting in many cases when in default cell/theme depiction mode
- Fixed some UI layout issues in certain cases
- Fixed some language issues and typos in UI messages, descriptions and documentation
- Fixed problem in password change function where password change may cause inability to login in some cases
- Fixed issue with crosswind attenuation with gusts/variability present
- Fixed problem with very long passwords
- Fixed an issue regarding sigmet boundary parsing in some cases
- Fixed problem regarding delayed/obsolete TAF data preventing proper interpolation in some cases
- Fixed issue regarding AI aircraft data read in some cases (regarding certain add-ons that modify internal AI aircraft datarefs)
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