Resolved ASXP v7002, CTDs


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Dear support
i am using ASXP almost from release date. So far i didn't have any CTDs of X-Plane.
I went through all available Betas.

Version 7002 now causes CTDs on my install. I didn't get any indications in the log.txt, no crash report generated.

I went through the commen bug hunting procedures (removing plugins, scripts etc.) and test-flight it each time

ONLY when removing the ASXPCONNECT plugin it did fix that issue. Not using the main program did not help, i had to remove the plugin coming with 7002.
I am reverting back to 6992 right now and will check tomorrow again. (since i didn't have ANY problems with 6992, iirc only 1 or 2 shutdowns of the main program, restarted and went on ;-) )

If you need more infos, let me know.

(Win10, XP 11.32 R2 )



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Oliver, can you please open a ticket at We have no other reports, but this is a big one, and would really like to resolve this in our software before releasing officially.