ASXP + XPR - no turbulence effects?

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I saw that ASXP should work well with XPR - however, when ASXP tells me there is heavy turbulence, I do not get the turbulence effect that XPR ahs.

Any chance that ASXP could report the level of turbulence correctly to XPR?



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Are there turbulence effects without XPR plugin enabled? We will need more information, ASXP log and type(s) of aircraft used.


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Are there turbulence effects without XPR plugin enabled? We will need more information, ASXP log and type(s) of aircraft used.
So you still have turbulence effects using XPR? Since installing the latest ASXP, it happened not once to me.


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Thank you for adding that info. However, I remember reading that asxp was now compatible with xprealistic. Using x-plane default weather brings back turbulence in my different aircraft. So asxp seems not compatible with xprealistic anymore (as was the case in previous versions of active sky).


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Hi @beep747! I'm using ASXP, SMP / RWC and XPRealistic together. I don't have a problem experiencing turbulence. If I'm flying light GA I often am tempted to turn it down.


Same here... I encountered many weather issues since weeks even if I didn't send tickets... switching sometimes to "Customized Weather" or not in random way? I don't think it has to do with XPRealistic which is supposed to match Active Sky XP as mentioned. Because those sudden switched happened to me before using XPR V2 and again it says that it is supposed to work now in a peaceful way each other.

2 flights out 10 with turb, others I don't know what's going on that is my ration somehow... which didn't happen when I came back from Canada to France lately... but now my flights are only in France, no matter there are CB, overcast, or else turb are just not there, same for ice... one week that I fly the FF757 and not turb at all in bad weather conditions. If it has to do with XPR why did I have turbulence even CAT during the long flight between Canada BGBW/KIFK/EKVG?
In France we have thunderstrom I can fly through, no need for seltbelt, no need for icing protection you can fly safely so why does it goethis way? it feels so unrealistic! But this is not Active Sky to blame but the limitation of Xplane, I don't know what did change lately with betas Xplane/and the last official AS update but it goes wrong definitely, somewhere... but where? Of course I did make "tests" (just by flying) without my plug as Thermal X and Icing Simulator pluging (If I use those it's just because there is no thermal and the icing system in xplane has been always very poor imo)

This morning a friend has to make a very short flight in real DR400 LFAC/LFQT, it was very turbulent and he had to be very aware about icing clouds at 5500ft, he even had to go down to 3500 in order to avoid heavy and strong turb and icing conditons... I had him on phone before taking off, I decided to the same flight on my sim for fun and to check it out about those "special" weather conditons of this day... Of course we won't get the real "real" weather with Xplane but such a huge gap between the sim and the reality is too big now, I didn't have any single turbulence at all where it was supposed to have some, not a single one during the entire flight. Then I decided to do it again shortly around LFQT and LFAC, METAR were almost the same at that time even stronger, I did it with FSGRW it was like "flying on the rails" even if wind/temperature/alti-pressure were coherent based on META (same for AS when I did the entire flight) but same as for the default xp real weather, I didn't have any single turb except a little bit more with the real defaut XP weather, that's it... but no ice and certainly any single turb in CB or just a little bit... I did it again short flight vfr around the terrain without any plug (Thermal x, XPRealistic and Icing Simulator) same result!

So adding some thermal (THERMAL X plug) + Icing simualtor plug have a purporse here, just because I definitely miss those important and vital weather features... Anyways sometimes it works better than other days depending where I do fly, why? I have no idea... (there are some parts in the world where it works more or less good) but there are many other places where it doesn't... or there are some hidden conflicts, I just don't know. Maybe all of this uncertain things are due to the terrible limitations of Xplane in this area?

Anyway the great team of Active Sky cannot do better with the Xplane limitations I guess because it should have be done yet I do believe... no turb in clouds (depending on betas XP/AS, I don't know) no real icing conditions in clouds or else (sometimes there is ice but there are so many other opportunities to get ice based on some weather conditions that is not detected) and there is not really thermals around except with a plug but? etc .... It is only recently (in 2020) that Laminar decides to take care about the weather and push its limitations (never too late) in the future which will help some devs (like Active Sky) to go further I believe but it's going to be for XP12 as it was mentioned lately.... However in two days we have MSF2020! ... so based on my frustration concerning the weather in Xplane, I just can't wait to see how it will be with the new sim because the weather is the main and very base of realism (same for wear/tear/maintenance concerning the aircrafts or at least a realistic flight model as much as possible to fly the bird by numbers)... IMO ;-)
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