Answered Bad fps around clouds


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Hello guys, im relatively new to xplane 11 but so far all good, however my pc is mid settings and the sim runs very well but if I get into a thick amount of clouds my fps will drop badly, what can I reduce in the settings to fix that please? My specs are

i7 6700K OC 4.5 GRX1070 16RAM

I been running ASXP basically how comes in default. Thanks in advance.


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Overcast does have an effect on some computers. Is the default X-Plane cloud textures currently installed? ASXP has a set of "High Performance" cloud textures which can be installed and uninstalled with a few mouse clicks. Press the "Textures" button in ASXP and test with the textures.
I have the same issue.. Especially in over cast... Drop. Of 10 fps is too much!! Some resolution is required in this area... May be to reduce the cloud layers or something like that...