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Johnny Wing

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I'm having problems with cloud depiction in P3d V 4. No problems on departure, the clouds are there, just like the metar says. When I'm arrivin to an airport I usually don't see any clouds or rain even if overcast is in the metar.
I have cloud layers set to 10 both drawing distances to max...


arrival(the airport is on the left side)

active sky

I reloaded the sim on the same airport(WSSS) and the clouds were there.
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Thank you for your post. The issue could very well be that you have 10 cloud layers selected and your system may get overloaded. Please try going back to the default of 5 layers. Are your min and max settings set both set to "max"?

Johnny Wing

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I went back to default 5 cloud layers and it fixed my problem. The clouds are back on arrival airports.

Thank you very much!