Waiting for Response Conditions Symbol Showing Local Time


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Is there anyway you can represent the symbols showing partly cloudy, sunny,etc for local time? For example, I am in the SE-USA and I am flying in Japan at 8PM EST. In Japan, It is 10AM local time; however, it is showing a moon instead of the sun. I would love to show the symbols for the local time instead of my own or even zulu.



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Thank you for your post. Please perform an uninstall/reinstall of ASXP ensuring to remove all saved data and see if that resolves the issue. I checked and RJAA was showing current time as 1735 local (0135z)

Thank you.


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This is normal. The sim time is not driving day/night condition on that graphic, but the local system time, as you've found. Using sim time may be possible, but comes with some complexities. We'll look into it.