Continuous debug message: failed to receive sim lac info


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I've moved my ASXP install to another computer (from that of X-Plane where it was originally installed) and since then when I click on the debug tab, it constantly streams the following:

failed to receive sim lac info: Length cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: length

I never used to get it when it was installed on the same computer as X-Plane, so I'm assuming it has something to do with being networked?

I've also noticed that historic weather does not work whilst this error message is streaming. The weather remains clear, but when I tested the same date/time on the original machine again, it as cloudy as expected.

No firewalls are enabled on either machine.
Both Windows 10.
Connected by 1Gbps switch.
X-Plane 11.35R1
Latest version of ASXP

Included full log F.Y.I.

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Did you uninstall ASXP from the simulator computer before installing on the client? If you have we would be happy to assist you, please log onto the HiFi support portal ( and log a support ticket, be sure to copy the URL from this forum post and include it in the ticket request. Please include most recent session logs, with Active Sky (only) running press the "Logs" button and save the AS_Log_Export.txt and attach to your ticket request.

The support site requires a separate login from the forum. Please note that you cannot login with your forum credentials, you will have to create a new account.

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Hi @maxam,

To be perfectly honest with you, not yet, but only because I wanted to see it working networked before I killed it. (and copy settings between the two, wasn't sure where the file containing them was.) That said, I understand why I need to so I'll do it now. I'm sure we'll get it working on the networked machine!! :)

I'll create a ticket as suggested.




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Hello Mark,

Thank you for the update, reach out to us at the support site if needed.