Custom metar input on AviTab


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There is a plugin called AviTab at X-Plane that is so useful. Once of it's functionality is providing some information about airports, ATC, and it's linked to navigraph so you can browse all charts, but also it shows latest METAR data

Unfortunately ASX doesn't put in its METAR data information about airport's METARs, you had to change to original xplane 11 weather data to get it properly, what is not a point.

Have you ever been told HiFi about this issue to bring data of the airports to your METAR files?


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Thank you for your post. We have a means by which developers can interface with Active Sky, all the information is available via the Active_Sky_XP_API which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASXP\Documentation

The developer of AviTab can easily program the plugin to fetch METAR data.

Hope this helps.