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I'm doing my first flight using ASXP and I have a slight problem. Whenever I set XP weather mode to Custom Metar it keeps reverting back to manually configured after a few minutes of flight.

How do I keep the sim from having the custom metar file loaded?



Nvm I think that XPRealistic Pro is the problem.
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Read all, and got the same problems... I don't have any weather add-ons installed... Need LUA due to 1 script Landing score. Used to have NoAA - all removed, clouds are ASXP performance, weather is live and all the time got the problems with going back to manual. Anything I can check to avoid this problem? I think so it was working fine in the previous 11.34 versions and some 11.35 betas, but the real problem appeared in the full 11.35.

Don't have XPRealistic (never had), had XVision - but nope, had few LUA scripts left only 1 - landing score, and basic plugins like pushback , avitab, some licensing plugins, ground handling and that's mostly it.


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For the future ... XSquawkBox to fly on VATSIM => preferences => Check Weather => set 0 here and problem GONE... couple of weeks I've been looking what was causing drop of the custom METAR file from ASXP...


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Thank you for the update, glad that you were able to resolve the issue.