Question Dynamic sky texture based on altitude?


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Forgive me if this has been asked and answered before.

While I love ASP4 and ASCA, there is one thing that has caused me to turn the dynamic sky texture injection of ASCA off: the fact that, while sky textures seem generally appropriate to the weather conditions while I'm on the ground, they don't feel 'right' as I climb to higher altitudes and are above the clouds (e.g. FL180 and up). For example, one of the sky texture sets shows this unsaturated, 'milky' sky that would be perfect for a somewhat foggy, rainy day. The problem is that it seems that the sky keeps having this texture as I climb to altitude. Now, despite the fact that I'm out of the haze and rain, and would therefor expect a more vibrant sky, I still see this 'milky' sky when I'm cruising along at FL320. To my knowledge, ASCA does not dynamically inject textures based on your altitude. I was wondering if this is indeed the case, and whether this is something that's feasible to add in the future? Or, if I'm completely wrong about my thought process, please do tell me!



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Thanks for your feedback and question. We don't currently adjust texture parameters / wx infuence based on altitude but it's something we agree would be helpful for more realism and better experience overall, and we're working on it.



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That’s wonderful to hear, Damian! Is this something I might expect to see in the next major version of ASCA/Active Sky, or May this even come as an update to the current program?