Flashing Clouds with EA unchecked

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I'm getting a LOT of flashing clouds when I use ASP3D & ASCA in P3DV5, with EA unchecked (no True Sky). I have the cloud layers set to 3, the update interval set to 15 minutes. I'm mainly flying in the ORBX PNW area and see it more often there.

This is with Carenado M20 (Mooney), running on 1 screen. Currently, running FPS Unlimited. I have VSYNC ON and Triple buffering checked.

It seems to happen when there is a stutter in the sim, as if I'm getting close to an ORBX airport and the airport is starting to activate it's objects. In my case, I was getting close to KFHR.

I also noticed that it seems to happen more often when I'm looking down into the cockpit, then starting to look up out of the cockpit screen.

When it occurs, the clouds appear to update one screen at a time, very slowly. Sometimes it takes about 4 or 5 screen updates in a row (with new clouds showing on each screen) before it finally stops.

Not sure what else I can try...any help or suggestions are welcome.


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Same here

- Sim: Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix (
- Using only ASP3D (networked)
- 3 layers
- VSYNC off/Tripple buffering off
- using ORBX Global/ORBX European LC/ORBX LOWI
- using LHS MaddogX with Trueglass

at the moment i cannot track the trigger, it happens randomly and not olny approaching orbx scenery


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I am also seeing this with P3D v5.0 Hotfix and AS P3D 7434 beta #2. Not sure if it relates to AS or is a problem of P3D v5 hotfix itself.


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I'm seeing flashing clouds (cumulus) as well. Suggest taking a flight from KOMA to KFSD starting at 11 AM on 11 May 2020 (in historical weather mode). I was flying at 2000 ft MSL northward along the Missouri River. At first I thought it was lightning (but no thunderstorms around). Then noticed that it appears as a redraw issue or something like that. The flashing is more apparent in the broken conditions around KOMA. As you go north and the cumulus get more scattered out, the flashing (still there) is harder to see.


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I’ve also noticed it, I suspect textures reloading (unloading and than loading again) after camera move. Also cockpit textures reload every time I return to cockpit view.

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