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Use of this forum is subject to the rules outlined here! If you don't agree with these rules, do not use this forum.

  • Participation in this forum requires that we have your valid license key/order numbers and full real first and last name on file in your forum user account profile - This information is only visible to HiFi staff.
  • If you are not currently a licensed customer, your full real first and last name is required regardless.
  • Be nice!
  • No personal attacks, name-calling, profanity or otherwise inappropriate content
  • No pornography or sexually-explicit content (including pictures, avatars and/or any other textual or multimedia content)
  • No discussion of illegal activity, including, but not limited to piracy
  • Show respect to all others including other forum users and developers
  • Do not post personal/private information in public threads including order numbers, license keys, address, e-mail address or phone numbers
  • Do not use these forums to buy/sell/trade or advertise
  • Observe copyright and do not post content/works that you do not have legal rights to
  • Do not spam
  • Place new threads in their appropriate categories
  • Moderators and staff have full discretion on maintaining content on this site. Any post/thread can be deleted/edited/locked at any time for any reason at our discretion.

In short, play nice and show respect to others. Use common sense.

Thanks for your participation in our forums!
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