FSX and P3D versions


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just installed P3D v 2.2 hours ago, downloaded the latest Active Sky Next and ran the setup.
Specifically this one: Full Version / Trial version B5210, size 116MB directly from the HiFi website.

Windows 7 is on C-drive.
FSx is installed on its own D-drive.
P3D is installed on its own E-drive.

ASN works perfectly with FSX.

However ASN comes up with the following error when I load up P3D:

ASN cannot control ambient weather parameters correctly, thus it cannot function properly at this point and will shut down. Please make sure you have proper rights/ownership of the program files (x86) folder and have trusted/excluded ASN from your securiy software, as well as the simulators as_srv folder and included .dll modules.

Could someone tell me how to resolve this please?

Thank you and best regards,