Answered FSX:SE and P3D v4


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Hi Guys,

Looking for a little advice if possible,i am currently in the process of adding
P3dv4 to my system,i run FSXSE at the moment but going to purchase the
patch so Active Sky will work in P3dv4.My question is will Active Sky 2016
still work in FSXSE because i would like to run both sims on my PC.

With Thanks,

Gary Jones.


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Hi Gary,

AS16 for FSX:SE and ASP4 for Prepar3D v4 can both be installed at the same time. No issues there.


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Hi Robert,

Thanks for that much appreciated,so just to be clear, once i purchase the upgrade to
P3dv4 i will have 2 versions of Active Sky,1 for FSXSE and 1 for P3dv4,i hope i have
read it correcty at Flight1 agent,i only own Active Sky 2016 and ASCA for FSXSE not for
P3d,does the upgrade cover this.

Thanks again,

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