FYI: P3D updates

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to explain our update process when a new simulator version comes out:

Active Sky software is very tightly integrated to the simulator and the specific version, and brand new versions that were just released will need to undergo evaluation and testing by developers, followed by compatibility implementation, followed by internal testing, followed by beta team testing. During the course of these processes, issues/errors may come up and we must start again. This process is very intensive and takes a big effort by our entire team.

We have to support multiple simulator platforms and multiple versions. While it may seem like a very easy task, it is far from it! Making a small change to establish compatibility with a new sim version could have unintended consequences with other previous versions or alternate platforms. We see this quite often. In short, it takes time and effort to do things right and provide quality software updates.

We've been through dozens of P3D updates, and ALWAYS provide quick updates after release (usually within 1-3 days) to the best of our abilities. We've been doing this for years now the same way, and have no plans to change our procedures. Thank you for your support and understanding.
Not open for further replies.