Resolved HELP!!! Loosing data weather at many times during the flight


Hi there,

For some reason I loose the data weather even without any deconnexion of AS, which makes all of a sudden the pressure goes to 29.92 and the C°15 ??? It never happended before, didn't change my set in anyways in XP and AS... running the last xpB6 and the last 7414 AS beta... I downloaded the last XPb6 24h ago so maybe there is a conflict between beta and beta ? I don't know. I don't find a way to solve this issue.

It makes my flight impossible somehow, for instance I'm now flying from BGBW to BIKF and like yesterday CYCA/BGBW, data weather stopped from time to time setting the values at 29.92/15c° and I always had to refresh the weather. In xp it goes this way "from custom METAR.... to "customized"? ... once I notice the problem and refresh the weather from AS it gets back to "From custom METAR and so on in random way?

Please Help!

See my AS log.txt if it could help

Thank you guys ;-)



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Was ASXP connected to the sim? The link at the top of the UI would have been green. I did see a post in the forum that indicated some users had issues with our servers which may cause ASXP to default to custom weather. Please see the following KB article if you have any other weather apps installed? Please see the following KB article for more information:


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply, the problem didn't happen again. Things seem to work nicely now even if I just downloaded the final 7414 only yesterday that works very good as well imo...