Help with VAS, disable ASN Link?


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Is it possible to disable ASN link? I'm flying PMDG 737NGX and hitting the wall with VAS. I'm running FTX scenery and airports (Oceania and NA) and UTX Europe with UK2000 airports. Also run UT Live with low AI aircraft numbers.

Here's a typical FUIPC4.log extract...

224688 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1719052
232391 **** Restarting traffic scanning due to non-reception ****
232703 Starting everything now ...
232797 ASN active function link set
232797 Ready for ActiveSky WX radar with additional data
234000 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled
234703 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1375472

I don't use the weather radar in the NGX so would like to disable this feature.

Are there ways I can improve performance in AS16? I previously was using REX and was able to control the bitmap sizes eg; 512K, 1024K and generally could complete a flight with the mentioned add-ons but now I often run out of VAS.


ps I don't want to go back to REX


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Hello Tom,

AS16 has a relatively small footprint and should not affect VAS, any changes to improve performance to the program have been made.

I am sure that you have searched online, have you seen the following post at AVSIM?
Ok thanks Robert, I seem to now have a more serious problem of sudden VAS depletion and system crash, even when I'm just setting up for a flight on the ground. I wonder if it's related to GEX which I installed fairly recently although this issues has only just manifested.