Historical Weather with AS16 and FSX-Pulls forward not backwards.


New member
Using Historical weather with AS16 and FSX boxed, either Dynamic or locked to sim time, results in the following at EDDF.

Time set on WX control screen is 07-17-20 0700Z Conditions screen shows METAR for 070720. If time is set to 0600Z, conditions show 070620Z.

The METARS are accurate for the time AS16 is using, but not for the time that I set. At 0700Z, the METAR should be 070650 not 070720, as 0720, would not have been known yet.

Why does this behavior occur? The issue comes with flight planning, as I am looking for the METAR directly before my estimated arrival not after it.

Any insight would be appreciated.
Paul Goodman