Hotfix 1 for AS16 and ASCA posted

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Hello Pilots,

Hotfix1 has been posted for both AS16 and ASCA.

This fixes a few issues found post-release. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend installing the HotFix. Please see the changelog below for details.

Please download Hotfix1 updates from our downloads page at:

Thank you!

HotFix1 Changelog:

- Fixed startup crash issue related to AVG and webserver/web companion App functionality (webserver/web companion app will be disabled if AVG blocks initialization, and a warning message will be shown)
- Fixed issue with aloft winds being restricted if >100 knots due to inappropriate application of max surface wind limit
- Fix attempt for internet connectivity issues and failure of app to load when using Hamachi or other VPN software
- Misc Scenario UI fixes

- Fixed possible error using theme edit screen
- Docs update to add more information regarding networked install, AS16+ASCA usage, and using other add-ons alongside ASCA
- Fixed problem with sky color and/or clouds not properly deactivating for installation when previously using dynamic theme
- Increased darkness/blackness during late/midnight hours in sky color sets
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