Hotfix2 for ASCA posted

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Hello everyone,

Hotfix 2 for ASCA has been posted and is available from

This is recommend for ASCA users who are experiencing problems/errors in texture installation or when trying to disable certain texture categories. Most users are not affected.

Please see the changelog below:

Hotfix2 changelog

- Prevented editing of full dynamics or global automatic theme to prevent issues with cloud sprite installation with unexpected texture selections
NOTE: To properly apply this fix, if you have previous edited the Full Dynamics Theme, you should reinstall ASCA then apply this hotfix to ensure that previous theme settings are restored

- Fixes and process improvements when disabling ASCA texture categories to ensure expected results
NOTE: To properly apply this fix, and you have previously disabled ASCA texture categories, you should apply latest AS16 hotfix (if AS16 installed), RE-ENABLE all categories, save options, then disable desired categories and re-save options. Only applies to users who wish to disable ASCA categories.
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