How to install ASN?


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I mean how to start ASN.

Message: FSX Application Data Location not found!

I have P3D v2.1 on my PC, and "Product Comparison" says ASN support P3Dv2.
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ASN is currently for FSX only. The P3Dv2 version is still under development testing and has not been released yet.


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Well, Daveo. In that case, How can I return it? 'Cause I don't have FSX. According THIS I think ASN supports P3Dv2 now.

And after return ASN, would it make any trouble of my ASE? I have ASE for my FS9 and I've just bought ASN upgrade.

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I raised exactly the same issue on an earlier thread, there was conflicting information on the website. The best estimate from the forum us that compatibility should be sorted three weeks after the P3D2.1 update so not long now. I have run ASN on FSX and it looks good so I think we have to sit on our tongues for a few more days. In the meantime try painting a few clouds on your monitor screen.


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We are currently in beta on the P3D version and appear to be in the timeframe we posted. Be patient - it will be worth the wait.