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I have an issue that I keep getting an error message saying that the QW787 cannot see the weather snapshot although I believe I have it set up correctly.
I have asked on the QW787 forum and had a few sugestions which have not helped. One suggestion was that it was awaiting an update. However I have watched youtube videos showing the weather request working.
I have attached a view of the error message.
A screenshot of the weather snapshot to show that it is where it should be.
A copy of my QW787 config file where I have put in where the sim should look for the Wx snapshot
Any advice would be appreciated.
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It appears the address you copied to the QW787.cfg for Active Sky is incorrect, yours is currently set to:


According to your QW787.cfg it should be:


You will have to edit the QW787.cfg file to Make sure that it is pointed to the ASP4 folder.

Please see the following thread for more information:
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