How to make a bug report

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To submit a bug report, please first search the bug report section to see if your bug has been reported before. If it has, please add a comment to confirm that you are also experiencing it, along with any details that might help. If you don't find an existing bug thread, create a new thread with the title as the brief description of the bug (i.e. Cancel button doesn't work in Weather Edit screen). In the message body, try to include as many details as you can about the problem.

Here is a sample template you can use to make sure you are including complete information:

Summary of problem:
Product Name/Version/Build:
Area of problem (i.e. Installer, Documentation, User Interface, Graphics, etc.):
Error Message(s) Received:
Reproduction Steps:
Screenshots/log files (include/attach as required)

After a bug report thread is made, we will move it into various "states" including Unconfirmed, Confirmed, In Progress, Resolved, etc. All feedback/discussion concerning that bug should be kept within that thread, avoiding duplicate/redundant threads.
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