Installing Actuve Sky 6.5 on Windows 10


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Yes I know Active Sky 6.5 is a really old product. But I’m still using FS9 and AS6.5 (because other real world things take most of my time & money).

I’ve recently got a new pc for flight simming (an old CAD machine acquired from work for a small charitable donation). It has windows 10 on it.
It I’m trying to install AS6.5 and during the installation it starts trying to install “dotnetfx...” and keeps failing. I have the latest .NET framework installed.


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Due to server security issues and current data compatibility AS6.+ has reached its EOL (End Of Life) cycle after 14 years and is no longer supported or functional with our weather servers.


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I know the server side support was dropped a few years ago (IIRC), however it still works well enough (e.g. when using VATSIM weather as a source).


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Any update or advice on how to install it?
It seems to be trying to access the HiFisim website to download “dotnetfx” (or similar) (which is presumably something to do with the .NET framework)


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That would be an update from Microsoft as HiFi does not provide OS updates. I don’t want to appear to be pushing you away, have you an account at AVSIM? They have a Win10 sub forum which is frequented with members such as Jim Young, he’s a savvy Win10 user who often helps individuals with OS issues. Just a thought.