Installing the cloud art beta for P3Dv5


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Hey y'all,

I have the AS beta installed and working in V5, thank you!!

I have a question about installing the CloudArt beta though, I went to my account where I purchased CA and downloaded the latest version they have available, my question is, do I install those files, and then install the beta update patch and I'm good to go?

Or, do I also need to also install the sp2 that is listed on your download page?



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I did what you said myself yesterday but cant point the app to the v5 install, doesnt seem to recognize v5.

Will advise if I figure it out.
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I have a fresh download and install of ASCA and have installed the beta update, I still cannot get ASCA to connect to P3Dv5, when I click on add simulator and point it to the P3Dv5 folder it just shows the path, and will not allow me to select it as an active simulator.

It finds V4 just fine though


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Ok I think I have it figured out.

install the ASCA and content
install the Beta
Make sure you have the latest ASP3D beta installed


Start ASP3D beta in V5 mode, ASCA then should automatically start with it and then be in the system tray, you should then have your path to V5 (it my not be the P3Dv5 exe itself though AND it may show an additional path to the documents folder for some reason), select the path to your V5 as the active sim. THEN you should be able to select the theme you want and inject it into V5

That's how I just did it and mine now works.


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On your webpage under the downloads under Active Sky Cloud Art - ASCA SP3 beta is listed as a download - Please check the download link
Download not available
This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again.


HiFi made a sticky announcement yesterday about this , there was a problem with the ASCA Beta and so they have pulled it. They are now working on an update for ASCA and when it's ready will upload it in due course.
Hi all,
I have ASCA installed for p3dv4 and i also have v5 in my computer. I also wanna ASCA work for v5. Do i have to only install the beta for ASCA?or i should uninstall ASCA and reinstall it with Beta. Thanks