Invalid license key.


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I bought Active Sky XP through SimMarket and I installed it with no problem. I then clicked it twice and got to the account creation part and I entered all the fields. I entered the license key and I didn't no what to put for the License Order Id because SimMarket doesn't give one, so I put the order number. I then enter the rest of the fields and then checked the two boxes and pressed ok and then I got license key invalid. I tried copy and paste and manually entering numorous times and it didn't work. I have a total of three email, so I tried to change the password and nothing worked. Why is the license key invalid when I bought it from a reputable place.


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We would be happy to assist you, please log onto the HiFi support portal ( and log a support ticket, be sure to copy the URL from this forum post and include it in the ticket request. The support site requires a separate login from the forum. Please note that you cannot login with your forum credentials, you will have to create a new account.

We will manually register your license but need the following information below in your Support Ticket request. Please provide the following information:

1: Order number:

2: Full license number:

3: First and last name used to purchase:

4: Email address used to purchase:

You can find the order (invoice) number by logging on to your account at Simmarket

The order number is seven digits long.

Thank you.
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