Question Is there a problem with weather conditions?


Hey there,

I just recognized that last time at my home town airport.
We had a serious thunderstorm here, with full cloud coverege.

I just went into the sim and looke what he is showing, and there was thunderstorm, rain as well but partly clouds (no full coverage).

I just saw that again now in LIBG:

LIBG 110455Z 01020G33KT 320V040 6000 +TSRA FEW015 BKN025 SCT035CB 18/17 Q1004

Decoded textual weather for LIBG

Wind: Variable at 20 knots gusting to 33
Variable wind direction from 320 to 040
Visibility: 3,7 SM (6000 m)
Clouds: Few at 1500 feet, Broken at 14500 feet
Temperature: 18,0C
Dewpoint: 17,0C
Precipitation: Heavy rain
Altimeter: 1004 mb (29,65 inches)
Thunderstorms in the vicinity

This station includes complete surface weather information, interpolation disabled.

Original metar of the stations:
LIBG 101750Z 01020G33KT 320V040 6000 2500S +TSRA FEW015 BKN025 SCT035CB 18/17 Q1004


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Weather depiction is based on the METAR provided by the weather station.
In general I don't see any discrepancy here.