Unconfirmed Lightning from small clouds


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I am using ASN 1.0.5707 with Prepar3d I 2.5.12946 and have been flying around New Guinea and nearby Indonesia. I frequently see lightning within modest cumulus clouds (to to bottom of cloud). These are ones with no rain and which appear to be no larger than a few thousand feet in size both horizontal and vertical. I have seen this with 20% or less sky cover and no CB or TCU around.


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Lightning won't be triggered without thunderstorm types, which is indicated by TSRA or CB in Metar strings (unless you've adjusted options to prevent thunderstorms with CB). You sure no reported CB around? If you are noting a discrepancy we would need specific details to investigate. I'm guessing that a station was indeed reporting CB somewhere.

Very often FSX/P3D does very poorly with CB depiction especially in size/height of clouds. We're working on ways around this.