Issue Low Visibility Operation: Wrong VIS and Ceiling


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as already reported by AndiKunzi, Low Visibility Ops seems to be almost impossible with Active Sky.
As Andis Thread has been marked "Resolved" I open a new thread.

See here, how 600m RVR and VV002 in LSZH look like....

a321 - 2020-11-10 20.45.55.pngUnbenannt.JPG

Same happened a few days ago in EDDM with even worse weather. Other pilots complained about being almost unable to taxi due low vis, but i could still see all the way down the runway with RVR 150m and VV///.

I am using Version 7494 with Xplane 11.50.

Is there a chance to get "real" low vis ops with Active Sky ? Any settings that i may change ?

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I experience the same problem today in LROP with Vis 5000 and in XP my Vis it was like 9999, but only during night. I thought that is a problem with ASXP and I check during day time and everything was fine. I'm using Ver. 7618.

I think the problem is with XP and not with ASXP. But I'm not a dev so let's wait some suggestions.




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Hi - today in FRAmetar_deviation.JPG
with weather presentation improved in EDDF after I restarted ASP3D now it again does not work correctly:
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