Suggestion Lower "cut-off time" for outdated MET reports



I'd like to suggest to lower the "cut-off time" for outdated MET reports, i. e. the time that needs to pass until a no longer updated MET report is discarded and replaced by advanced interpolation.

I had such occasion during an online flight last evening where I arrived at Skyros (LGSY) at around 22.30 Zulu, but ASXP still used its last MET report for that day issued at 17.50 Zulu (LGSY 011750Z 00000KT 9999 FEW030 28/21 Q1007 RMK FEW060 FEW160 BLU), causing some depiction "anomalies" (like air temperature and air pressure "jumps").

IMO a "cut-off time" of 2 hours should be sufficient in most cases, but not least than 1.5 hours in order to give hourly reporting weather stations some time to update. :)

XP11.50 Beta 17, ASXP Build 7494