Metar file not being generated correctly


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ASXP is generating a really weird METAR.rwx file:
2019/6/8 18:22
MDEG -120.500000 28.500000 346.00 33412KT 29SM 17/11 A2992
MDEG -119.500000 28.500000 346.00 33111KT 28SM 17/11 A2993
MDEG -118.500000 28.500000 346.00 32709KT 27SM 18/12 A2993
MDEG -117.500000 28.500000 346.00 32508KT 18SM BKN020 17/11 A2992
MDEG -116.500000 28.500000 346.00 31506KT 16SM BKN030 18/12 A2992
MDEG -115.500000 28.500000 346.00 31205KT 24SM BKN020 20/13 A2985
MDEG -114.500000 28.500000 346.00 30506KT 30SM BKN020 21/13 A2987

If I look in the appData folder the current_wx_snapshot.txt it looks normal:
AGGH::AGGH 091800Z 20003KT 9999 FEW014 FEW015CB 24/23 Q1009::AGGH 081710Z 0818/0918 09016KT 9999 FEW018 BKN032 PROB40 INTER 0820/0906 5000 TSSH BKN016 FEW017CB T 24 26 30 31 Q 1009 1011 1011 1009::115,21,23.13/108,19,19.06/106,16,17.00/77,9,7.94/52,8,-4.00/23,9,-14.00/315,8,-29.06/330,16,-39.83/342,21,-52.00
AGGM::AGGM 070000Z 09008KT 9999 HZ FEW018 30/25 Q1012::AGGM 081710Z 0818/0918 09015KT 9999 -SHRA FEW018 BKN030 PROB40 INTER 0818/0906 5000 TSSH BKN016 FEW017CB Q 1009 1011 1011 1009::120,21,23.89/99,21,19.00/93,19,16.92/70,14,8.59/80,9,-3.92/45,6,-14.00/347,7,-28.92/355,10,-39.08/352,12,-52.00
AYMH::AYMH 080800Z VRB04KT 9999 -SHRA BKN050 Q1018 RMKTEMP/DP NOT AVBL::*::328,2,23.05/341,2,17.10/346,2,13.26/86,12,8.05/116,27,-3.02/115,20,-14.91/95,14,-28.05/75,11,-39.00/101,12,-51.00
AYNZ::AYNZ 080700Z 11005KT 9999 SCT040 29/22 Q1010::*::155,9,22.66/118,12,17.82/112,13,16.05/83,16,8.77/123,25,-3.21/120,18,-14.00/106,8,-28.21/75,12,-39.00/96,9,-51.16
AYPY::AYPY 081500Z 12002KT 9999 SCT100 25/24 Q1009::AYPY 080330Z 0806/0906 16015G26KT 9999 SCT020 FM080900 16012KT 9999 SCT040::112,23,23.13/91,20,19.20/81,17,16.66/71,20,8.20/131,19,-3.71/137,9,-14.46/192,8,-28.00/255,2,-39.00/270,4,-52.07
BGBW::BGBW 081750Z 06036G48KT 9999 FEW050 BKN095 13/M07 Q1012::BGBW 081725Z 0818/0823 07025KT 9999 SCT070 BKN100 TEMPO 0818/0822 07030G45KT RA SCT015 BKN025 BECMG 0822/0823 07015G30KT BKN060::83,43,3.44/97,32,-0.71/101,26,-3.04/151,33,-7.47/156,36,-20.00/161,47,-31.47/163,49,-47.70/165,45,-52.90/176,30,-46.04

Anyone ever run into this and know a fix?



The "MDEG" reports seem to be (fictitious) weather "stations" located at certain geographical positions (28.5N/120.5W, 28.5N/119.5W and so on), thus fed with interpolated weather from surrounding (real) weather stations.

So, I don't see anything "special" here that would need to be fixed.


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Huh? If every record in the rwx file says MDEG NO weather will be updated in Xplane11...
As far as I know, that's not true. I believe that's only true for wind data.


For global weather coverage of any level of detail you like, add your own entries into the METAR.rwx file. Enter an airport ID of MDEG, followed by the longitude, latitude, and elevation in meters of the imaginary airport you just created for the purposes of setting weather at this location.

For example, if we wanted to change the weather for the South Carolina area, we would specify the area in the METAR.rwx file as: “MDEG -81.235425 34.5647 80.0”. After that we’d enter the information for our weather, such as “24031KT 2SM CLR 10/M10 A3011”.

Let’s parse the first few items in our example above. Note that X-Plane uses longitude first, then latitude; thus the location is 81.235425 degrees West, 34.5647 degrees North. Altitude is 80 meters. The wind direction is 240, with a speed of 31 knots. The visibility is 2 statue miles and the sky is clear (no ceiling). The temperature is 10 degrees Celsius and the dew point is minus 10. The altimeter setting is 30.11inHg. Continue on in this manner when you are adding custom winds or interpreting the report.

You can enter all the MDEG airports you like in a single file, to set the weather anywhere you like. If you put an MDEG airport every degree of longitude and every half degree of latitude, you will be entering about the right number of MDEG airports to get all the detail you can out of the X-Plane weather engine.

Note that if you are customizing weather for an airport that is already listed in the METAR file you will need to delete all other instances aside from your MDEG entry.


For global coverage of any level of detail you like, you can add your own entries into a winds.rwx file. If you do not have one from an older version of X-Plane 10, you can simply start a new text file. Make sure to remove the global_turbulence.grib & global_winds.grib files to avoid conflicts.

In winds.rwx, enter a wind reporting-station ID of DEG (NOT MDEG! These are 3-letter IDs!), followed by the longitude, latitude, and winds aloft, then X-Plane will set the winds aloft at this location as you enter.

Each of the numbers after the latitude represent the direction, speed and temperature. Each column of wind information corresponds to a specific altitude: 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000, 30000, 34000, and 39,000 feet. Note that you may leave a lower altitude column blank if the location is already above that altitude.