METAR vs depicted weather


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On my flight from Bridgeport to Merida I observed strange weather depiction. Here is Condition Report from ASP3D v7900 :

Here is the METAR downloaded by FSL A320 - as You can see, +TSRA is missing :

Rain from the blue sky :

And here, raining from almost blue sky in the video :

In the heavy rain visibility is never 9999+ meters. It is simply impossible for water droplets and moisture in the air. Is it problem in the METAR report from TBPB meteo station ? Because at
I found this report :
TBPB 061600Z 11010KT 9999 FEW018CB 31/24 Q1013 NOSIG
Same METAR report is in the attached log.

What is wrong ?


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Problem solved, I had "Prevent thunderstorms when CB reported" unchecked.
Sorry for my incompetence :mad: