More Vertical Turbulence


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I am using the new beta that just came out. I love the turbulence effects. I was wondering if there should be more vertical turbulence. Most of what i get shakes the plane sideways most of the time and never up and down. Would love to know your team’s input.



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Yeah do love the turbulence but needs more vertical turbulence, i just get a left and right turbulence. Thanks : )


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Thanks, we'll be tuning based on this and other feedback.



Such a good news that the beta sp1 was released today! That was my sweet breakfast!

After testing on my humble side, I've already believed that AS xp is on a great way to make a big change in our XP skies and more after my flights test today with the beta.

Same here, I'd like to feel turbulences in clouds also and "vertical shaky ones, up and down" as well in general where it's supposed to happen.

Air Mass/movements/ work better imo, skies feel more alive, wind injections, same for the redraw clouds process, it feels much less brutal than before and finally some turbulences that I encountered in final (not only) but in final! ... which is a very very good point for the sake of immersion!

Real weather datas said today in my area: icing conditions SFC 1500ft TOP4000, it was exactly the case when AS xp injected weather datas in Xplane! same for the clouds surface at 1500 ft, temperatures and alti pressures, all of those information were very accurate by the reliable control of AS, from 80 to 100% of exactness knowing that METAR are not always very accurate in real; good job for that too!

The SP1 is promising!

Tks a lot for this beta!
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I agree with Ikn. The beta feels very good. Just needs a little tuning for turbulence. Seeing more cirrus clouds and storm cells are awesome. My friend and I have had ASXP crash on us once so far, but it's a beta and expected. Looking forward to the next version!